Pryor to Oakland

by Matt Stolbof 

         Today Terrelle Pryor was drafted to the Oakland Raiders in the 3rd round of the supplemental draft. Pryor played QB for Ohio State and was one of the players on the Buckeyes who gave memorabilia to people for tattoos (because every athlete needs a tattoo these days.) Pryor threw for 2,772 yards with 27 touchdowns and 11 interceptions in his junior year as a Buckeye. Even though Pryor did get drafted to the Raiders, I think that Terrelle could’ve fit in with 3 other teams in the National Football League.

1. Cincinnati Bengals- Now I understand that you have to give the rookie QB Andy Dalton a chance but, wouldn’t it have been nice for the Bengals to have the former Buckeye quarterback as a backup. And let’s not forget that Terrelle Pryor can also play wide receiver. If he was willing to make the change to the wide receiver spot, A.J. Green and Terrelle Pryor as the two wide receivers for the team could have been a good duo in the long term.

2. Buffalo Bills- Terrelle Pryor with the Bills had the chance to be a great fit. In a couple of years, if Terrelle Pryor learned how to throw in tight spaces, which he never really had to chance to do in college because his wide receivers were always open, then he might of have the chance to replaced the current quarter back Ryan Fitzpatrick and start for the Buffalo Bills.

3. San Francisco 49ers- Even though Alex Smith resigned with San Francisco, Pryor might’ve had the chance to get the starting job. The only problem would be that they couldn’t use Terrelle Pryor for the first 5 games but, just like with the Bengals. if Terelle Pryor would have been flexible enough to switch to the wide receiver job, then he might’ve been a great weapon for Alex Smith and join Vernon Davis and Braylon Edwards on the line of scrimmage.

As you can see, Terrelle Pryor might’ve got drafted by the Oakland Raiders, but there are other teams that could of been a good fit for Terrelle Pryor. Now can Terrelle do good for the Raiders? I think that Terelle Pryor could be a good player for the Raiders but, he has to be willing to take the wide receiver job because Jason Campbell is probably going to keep his starting job as a quarter back for a while. In the end, if Terrelle can be flexible as a player, listen to what his coaches say, and doesn’t do anything stupid like he did at Ohio State, then Terelle Pryor has a chance to have a good & solid career in the National Football League. 

AFC North Predictions
By: Zach Weiss

Over the last few years, the AFC North has been a division controlled by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and this year seems to be much of the same. Pittsburgh fell just short to the Green Bay Packers last year in Super Bowl 45, and their craving for a title is now bigger. They have kept their strong foundation in place and safety Troy Polamalu is still anchoring their strong defense alongside James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley. Their offense is led by one of the top NFL QB’s Ben Roethlisberger who has been great for a number of years. The receiving core in Pittsburgh is also phenomenal, lead by now 3rd year wide out Mike Wallace who has made an instant impact in Pittsburgh. Veteran Hines Ward does not seem to be declining as he ages as well. The Steelers also brought in former Jets receiver Jericho Cotchery, who has had his fair share of big seasons and he could really give the Steelers that one piece they’d been missing: A second receiver with experience. And they drafted Defensive End Cameron Hayward in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft and he has got a bunch of upside, he may turn out like Charles Johnson of the Panthers, a guy who leads his teams Defense. Also with young star running back Rashard Mendenhall the Steelers offense is complete, and ranks among the best in the NFL. Therefore, this year the Steelers will finish at 12-4, and division champs. Next, are the Balitmore Ravens, a team who has been led for 3 years now, by young Joe Flacco who is only improving from year to year. He became the first quarterback in NFL history to win a road playoff game in each of his first three NFL seasons.. This year is the year that Flacco will break out and take a big leap forward. Young running back Ray Rice has looked great early in his career. Rice was a star at Rutgers university and has been the same way in the NFL so far. He is only improving and he may this year take the leap towards Stardom.. However a big problem for the Ravens is that they  lost a ton key pieces in the offseason. Their longtime star Tight End Todd Heap decided to take his talent elsewhere, signing a multiyear deal to play with the Arizona Cardinals. Heap was a huge reason for the Ravens success against the Chiefs in the divisional playoff round last year. He caught 10 passes for 108 yards and he had a great career for Baltimore. They also lost 3 of their top 4 receivers. Donte Stallworth was injured for much of the season but he still gave good contributions to Balitmore when healthy and he is a very speedy receiver. They also lost veteran T.J. Houshmanzadeh who was a good contributor in the Ravens offense last year. But he did not totally fit into the offense so he decided to walk away from Baltimore. They also lost former pro bowl Fullback Le’ron Mcclain. Mcclain was a great blocker and was a huge reason for the success of Ray Rice. He signed to play with Kansas City. The Ravens did add ex-Texan Vonta Leach who was selected to the Pro Bowl last year. He helped Arian Foster a lot last year with great blocking, and Foster ran for over 1700 yards in just his second NFL season. He can give Ray Rice a lot of help In the backfield this year But the biggest loss of all for Baltimore this offseason is Receiver Derrick Mason who has been a star in the Ravens organization for such a long time. He signed with the Jets. They lose a locker room presence and one of their top players in Derrick Mason. But the Ravens still have Anquan Boldin, who is a proven veteran who can still get it done on a high level from week to week even at an older age. He will be the X-Factor in the Ravens offense this year. The Ravens also selected rookie Torrey Smith out of the university of Maryland in this past year’s draft and he has a very bright NFL future. They also recently acquired long time Bill Lee Evans who has proven himself as a very versatile receiver. He has good footwork and has a high YAC. He will contribute a lot to the Ravens this year. The Ravens have mainly kept their Defense together. The hard-hitting Ray Lewis does not seem to age and he is still a force to be reckoned with, as is star linebacker Terrell Suggs who has been good for a long time as well. Star Safety Ed Reed had 7 interceptions last year in just 10 games after starting the year on the PUP list. Even without Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, Le’ron Mcclain and the other guys they lost, the Ravens can still be a great team this year. They have always been a team that has been led by their Defense and that will continue to be the case this year. With all this said, the Ravens will finish this year at 11-5 and take one of the 2-wildcard spots. Next up are the Cincinnati Bengals, a team who has won just 2 division titles in their history. This year is looking to be much of the same for the Bengals. Former number one overall pick, Carson Palmer who has been their starting QB for 7 years announced retirement, not wanting to be a part of the Bengals organization any longer. Star cornerback Jonathon Joseph decided not to resign and instead joined the Texans organization. The team’s top two receivers, Veterans Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco both decided to leave as well. T.O. still unsigned and Ochocinco got traded to the Patriots. Longtime Defensive Tackle Tank Johnson was cut as well. The Bengals did resign running back Cedric Benson however. But Cincinnati’s quarterback situation is uncertain now, but the lead candidate to start is rookie Andy Dalton who played well in College. They also selected Georgia Star Receiver A.J. Green in the first round of this year’s draft and he has got great upside. 2nd year receivers Jerome Simpson and Jordan Shipley also look like they can bust out this year. But their Defense looks to be one of the worst this season and that will greatly hurt the team. They have not added much to replace all of the losses they have. The Bengals will finish at 3-13 this year as it will be a rebuilding season, but in the years to come they may improve. Lastly, there is the Cleveland Browns, who took a step forward last year, though finishing just 5-11 running back Peyton Hillis had a breakout season. In the offseason he was acquired for QB Brady Quinn, a trade that was not looked at much at first but proved to be excellent for Cleveland. Hillis rushed for over 1150 yards and ran for 11 TD’s last year and he has got a very bright NFL future. QB Colt Mccoy also thrived after being named the starter last year. He led the team to wins over the New Orleans Saints and also the 14-2 Patriots. They dominated both of those teams. The reason Mccoy got to start at all was because of injuries to the top 2 QB’s Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace. But Mccoy was up for the task and he had a great season for Cleveland. The Browns Tight End Ben Watson also broke out last year and emerged as one of the league’s top Tight ends. The receiving core if young, but improving. Mohamed Massaquoi has got a bright NFL future and the team also drafted Greg Little, who is expected to big things for Cleveland this season. Joshua Cribbs ranks among the top kick returners in the NFL and is a great utility man. He’s extremely fast and deceptive, and can play quarterback, running back, and receiver and can do it all. Rookie Cornerback Joe Haden had an exceptional rookie season for the Browns last year, coming up with 6 interceptions, as well as a sack and looked like a veteran, not a rookie. The Browns also have Scott Fujita, D’Qwell Jackson, and Phil Taylor, 3 veterans to anchor the Defense who have also been playing very well the last few years. With the young core of Hillis, Mccoy, Little, and Joe Haden the Browns are on their way to becoming a +.. 500 team in the years to come. The Browns will finish at 9-7 this season and surprise many people, falling just short of the playoffs. 

NFL Power Rankings
By Tim Sorota (August 16, 2011)

This is the 2nd Boston Hot Spot NFL Power Rankings. The 2nd edition will be much different than the first, due to the end of the lockout and free agency. There is only one real terrible team. All the others are at least competitive. 

1. Green Bay Packers- 2nd straight ranking as number 1. Aaron Rodgers is one of the most explosive QBs threw the air in the entire league. Cullen Jenkins was the only major loss the team had in the off-season. The team has good depth at defensive line, so they will not feel Jenkins loss very much. 
2. Philadelphia Eagles- The winners of free agency were, without a doubt, the Philadelphia Eagles. They landed Nnamdi Asomugha, (#1 free agent), Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins, Steve Smith, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. And, of course, they still have Michael Vick. They were called a “dream team”, but they are not a “dream team”. They are a good team. 
3. New England Patriots- Another team that did very well in the off-season was the Patriots. They went 14-2 and improved even more. Their one weakness was in the pass rush, so they signed Shaun Ellis away from the Jets. They also acquired Albert Haynseworth and Chad Ochocinco. 

4. New Orleans Saints- The team is one year removed from their championship season. They traded Reggie Bush, but, signed Darren Sproles from San Diego. Their back-field is pretty set with Sproles, Mark Ingram, and Pierre Thomas. Drew Brees and his explosive wide receivers will certainly be hungry to avenge their post-season loss to Seattle.  

5. Atlanta Falcons- Quarterback Matt Ryan is ready for a break-out year. They drafted Julio Jones, and in his first pre-season game he looked great. He along with Roddy White could be a great receiving core for Ryan to throw to. 
6. Baltimore Ravens- The defense is still one of the best in the league. Joe Flacco is a good young QB. However, he lost two of his favorite targets in Derek Mason and Todd Heap. He’s going to have to find another receiver to throw it to when Anquan Boldin is covered. 

7. Houston Texans- The team had a horrific secondary last season. They signed Jonathan Joseph to help that. They also hired Wade Phillips to be the defensive coordinator. He has had previous success in turning bad defenses into good defenses. In addition, their offense is explosive. 
8. New York Jets- They still have a good secondary, but the rest of the team got worse. The team struggled getting to the quarterback, last year. Their only proven past rusher signed with their arch rival in the off-season. 
9. Pittsburgh Steelers- The team went to the Super Bowl last year, but their offensive line was really bad against the Redskins in their first pre-season game against Washington. Will it improve? If not, the team won’t be back in the Super Bowl. 
10. Indianapolis Colts- The team is no longer the favorite in the AFC south. The team is old and they will need a great season from Peyton Manning in order to win the division. He is coming off an injured neck, so his production may decrease. 

11. San Diego Chargers- Phillip Rivers had a phenomenal season last year. Ryan Matthews will have the full load in the running game. However, his production will decrease because he doesn’t have Darren Sproles to take some of the pressure off him. They also had special teams problems last year, but they returned a kick for a TD in their last pre-season game. 
12. Detroit Lions- The defensive line is one of the best in the league. Nick Farely has a foot injury, but appears he will be able to recover. Matt Stafford is proving himself as a good veteran quarterback. 
13. Minnesota Vikings- With the addition of Donovan McNabb, young QB Christian Ponder will have a good mentor. The team has AP and they still have a scary-good defensive line, even without Ray Edwards. 
14. Kansas City Chiefs- They are a solid team. Jamal Charles is turning into one of the league’s best running backs. However, he isn’t there yet. Matt Cassel played well, but he isn’t elite. The team is good, they aren’t great. 
15. Seattle Seahawks- With the additions of former Vikings Sidney Rice and Tavares Jackson, the Seahawks should be able to win the NFC West. Rice has proven himself in Minnesota, and Jackson will help the offense.

16. Tampa Bay Bucs- The team is extremely young. To many people’s surprise, the team went 10-6. Since the team isn’t old, they will continue to improve over the next couple of seasons. However, they don’t have any great players. 
17. St. Louis Rams- They were one win from the playoffs last season. The pass game was working in their first pre-season action. The defense is young and they will improve from last year. Expect them to be around 8-8 this season. 
18. Dallas Cowboys- Failing to make the playoffs caused a lot of concern in Big D. So I expected them to make a big splash in free agency. They didn’t. How can they manage to get better without any major additions? They’re alright but could’ve been much better. 
19. Tennessee Titans- The major concern going into the lockout was QB. They have improved by signing veteran Matt Hassleback. They will be ranked higher on the rankings when they sign Chris Johnson. They need him.

20. New York Giants- With Brandon Jacobs, Amhad Bradshaw, and Eli Manning on offense they will be able to score points. The defense, however, has taken some hits over the off-season. Prince Amukamara broke his foot in the training camp and Osi Umenyiora is in a contract dispute. 
21. Chicago Bears- The NFC north champions ranked 21? Yes. Why? Their offensive line is terrible. Jay Cutler got sacked and sacked and sacked in the first pre-season game against the Buffalo Bills! They can’t win if they can’t protect Jay Cutler. 
22. Jacksonville Jaguars- Blaine Gabbbert is a rookie, but he played very well against New England last week. Garrard will help him out and MJD will do the running. They are missing a good wide-out and they don’t have a solid defense. 
23. Buffalo Bills- Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. (Except the 22 teams ahead of them. But who cares?) I look to see the Bills improving a lot this season. Brad Smith is a new tool to this offense. Expect them to maybe win seven games this year.

24. Washington Redskins- They looked good in their first pre-season game. John Beck and Rex Grosman aren’t terrible. Brian Orakpo is turning into one of the better pass rushers in the NFL. 
25. Miami Dolphins- The team was heavily pursuing Broncos QB Kyle Orton. They didn’t get him. That means Chad Henne or Chad Pennington will have to play. That concerns many Phins fans considering Henne is inconsistent and Pennington is injury prone. 
26. Denver Broncos- They were ranked last in the first power rankings. They are no longer the worst team in the NFL. Kyle Orton is playing really well in training camp and so is Brady Quinn. The QB battle is making the team stronger. 
27. Arizona Cardinals- With the addition of Kevin Kolb, Larry Fitzgerald will have someone who can get him the ball. With the NFC west being so weak, the Cardinals may be able to cause some damage and potentially make the post-season. 
28. Carolina Panthers- They did some good things in the off-season. Singing DeAngelo Williams and trading for Greg Olson will help out rookie QB Cam Newton a lot in the regular season. However, don’t expect them to win anytime soon. 
29. Oakland Raiders- Darren McFadden is one of the best young backs in the league. But, the defense lost its best player Asomugha. He will be impossible to replace, so the secondary will struggle. 
30. Cleveland Browns- They haven’t gotten any better since the last power rankings. I expect them to struggle a lot this season. Peyton Hillis may be able to have another successful season, but the defense won’t be good. 

31. San Francisco 49ers- Braylon Edwards will help out Alex Smith (or whoever is playing Quarterback!). But, the defense will get exposed this season. Also, the team will have to make a decision on who will play QB this season. 

32. Cincinnati Bengals- Carson Palmer retired. Chad Ochocinco was traded to New England. Jonathan Joseph signed with Houston. The three best players on a bad team last year all left. That doesn’t suit well for 2011. Don’t expect them to win more than 4 games this year. They are going to be bad.  

Wait a Second, I Need to Review This

By Shane Godek

Last night’s preseason games were the first that tested the NFL’s new review policy, in which every scoring play must be reviewed. So no matter the play, or how easy it was to see that the player scored, a referee went under the curtain and reviewed the play from 7 different angles. Don’t get me wrong, I love instant replay. It helps get calls correct when the zebras make a mistake, and it can correct a mistake that a referee made. But do we really need it on every scoring play?

Picture this. A running back trots into the end zone after breaking free on a 50 yard run. Wanting to celebrate his run, he tosses the ball into the air after he crosses the line. There wasn’t a defender within 10 yards of him, and there is no question that he scored a touchdown. Or is there? After watching 7 replays, the referees notice he may have thrown the ball before he crossed the line. So they begin to use every camera angle to make sure that he did in fact have possession of the ball. Meanwhile, the viewers at home see that he clearly scored a touchdown, but they still have to wait 10 minutes while the officials play the video over and over again. The announcers try to keep you entertained by showing their state-of-the-art slow motion program that allows them to slow the play down for the fans at home. After 5 minutes of seeing every angle the station has to offer, the fans may being to flip channels, or find a snack, or get up to use the bathroom. At the stadium, the crowd mulls around awkwardly because they can’t show a play under review on the Jumbo-tron, and they are left with ten minutes of watching the players wait. The point is, this isn’t entertainment. Football is a very entertaining sport to watch, but when you start to slow it down, fans begin to lose interest. When I turn the game on, I want to see guys making plays, not filling their cups up with Gatorade while they wait for referees to finish reviewing a clear touchdown. Football has already slowed down due to long commercial breaks, but these breaks are making the game longer. What is going to happen if both teams score 5 times in a game? Will there be an extra half hour of reviews, or will they realize that some plays are obviously touchdowns. I would hate to see football be slowed down to the pace of a baseball game, but with these games taking 2 hours already, more worthless instant replays could turn one of the most exciting sports into a 3 hour affair that features more reviewing then playing. Fans pay to see big hits, and electrifying runs, not a ref ducking under a curtain to determine if a player got 4 feet in bounds, or just 3 and a half. An NFL game is four 15 minute quarters. That’s 1 hour of playing time. So there is no reason to have the games take any more than 2 hours. Speed the games up, or watch fans gradually lose interest. Your decision, Roger Goodell.  

Moss Retires 

Does he go down as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time?

By: Matthew Stolbof

         Yesterday Randy Moss announced his retirement after playing for 15 years in the NFL. Moss has always been one of the top receivers in the league and is without a doubt one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. This go-to receiver was drafted as the 21 pick of the 1998 draft of the Minnesota Vikings. Moss would of probably been pick earlier but, his issues off the field made him become a later pick in the draft.

Randy Moss’s rookie year with the Vikings would be a year to remember. He received for 1,313 yds which led the league and also scored 17 TD which also led the league. Moss would later be named the offensive rookie of the year in 1998. Moss would play another 6 years with the Vikings and would lead the league in rec TD for another 2 times with them.

In 2005 Moss would go on to play for the Oakland Raiders for 2 years. Moss didn’t seem as excited to play for Oakland as he did for Minnesota because would only score 11 TD in 2 years and would only catch 102 passes. In 2006 Moss only received for 553 yards which made him get traded to the New England Patriots.

In Moss’s first year with New England he had the best season of his career. In 2007 Moss caught 93 passes for 1,493 yards and scored 23 TD most all time by any wide receiver in a single season. In Moss’s next 2 years with the Pats he would lead the NFL in TD with 13 in 2009.

In the 2010 season Moss would play for 3 NFL teams. In the beginning of the season Moss only played 4 games with the Pats but, scored 3 touchdowns. Then he would later get traded to his former team the Minnesota Vikings and would only receive for 174 yards and, then he would finally get traded to Tennessee where he would play the his final 8 games of his career with the Titans.

Even though the end of Moss’s career was a little shaky Moss is still one of the greatest wide receivers of all time. Randy Moss is 5th all time in reception touchdowns with 154. He is also 8th all time in receptions with 954. Moss may have never won a super bowl in his career but, he still has one of the greatest wide receiver careers ever in the NFL and will be remembered for years to come.  

NFL Power Rankings 
By Tim Sorota (July 12, 2011)

The NFL is in a lockout, but that’s not stopping the Boston Hot Spot from publishing NFL power rankings. Below is the rankings of the 32 teams and why they are there. 
1. Green Bay Packers- They are the defending Super Bowl Champions and they are loaded. They have one of the best Quarterbacks and a solid defense led by Linebacker Clay Matthews and Safety Nick Collins. 
2. New York Jets- I hate the Jets (just saying that). But, they have a great secondary with Antonio Cromartie and the best corner in the game Darrelle Revis.

3. Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens are led by Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, two of the best defensive players in the game. They have a young offense Quarterback, Joe Flacco, who will be one of the best in the league in years to come. 
4. Pittsburgh Steelers- Ben Roethlisberger is an all pro quarterback and Rashard Mendenhall provides a good running game. The defense is getting older and they are over-rated. 

5. Indianapolis Colts- Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis still provide a solid pass rush on opposing Quarterbacks. Oh and they have Peyton Manning. 

6. Atlanta Falcons- Last year, the team went 13-3 in the regular season. They made a great draft day selection by drafting Julio Jones, wide receiver from Alabama. Jones will be able to help pro-bowl QB Matt Ryan. 
7. New Orleans Saints- The team is one year removed from its epic Super Bowl victory over the Colts. Much of that championship team is still there. The team isn’t getting much younger. 
8. New England Patriots- The Patriots had the best offense in the NFL last year. Their defense is still really young and not very good yet. I don’t think they’re really as good as their 14-2 record says they are. 
9. Philadelphia Eagles- Mike Vick plays QB for the Eagles. If not for Tom Brady’s super year, Vick would’ve won the MVP award. He has good support from WR Desean Jackson and RB Lesean McCoy. They would’ve gone farther in the playoffs if they hadn’t run into the Packers. 
10. San Diego Chargers- Their offense and defense were both ranked #1, so why aren’t they ranked higher on the rankings? Their special teams stink! It cost them many games last year. They need to improve in order to go up on the rankings. 
11. Chicago Bears- The Bears made it to the NFC championship game. They really weren’t NFC championship game worthy. They got a 1st round bye and beat a Seattle Seahawks, who should’ve have been in the playoffs. 
12. Minnesota Vikings- they had a really bad year last year, but they are better. They have a great running back and a great defensive line. 
13. Kansas City Chiefs- Matt Cassel was an under the radar MVP candidate last season. They won the AFC West, but, the west was in a down year. 

14. New York Giants- After winning the Super Bowl, the Giants haven’t had very much success. They have a, inconsistent offense and defense. They can either be great or terrible. 

15. Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys started off so terrible last season that the coach got fired. Down the stretch, however, they did start winning games. They will be better in 2011
16. Tampa Bay Bucs- They were horrible in the 2008 and 2009 seasons. They are really young but did well last year and they will continue to improve. 
17. Detroit Lions- Nick Farley was the team’s first round selection. He will join rookie of the year Ndamukong Suh. That makes one scary defensive line. 
18. Houston Texans- Andre Johnson is the best wide receiver in football. Matt Schaub is a really underrated QB. However, they have an inconsistent defense. 
19. Jacksonville Jaguars- They’ve always been close to the playoffs but haven’t made it in. They are a mediocre team. 
20. Miami Dolphins- No one really knows who will be playing QB for the Dolphins this year. They do have Cameron Wake on defense who is a good player
21. St. Louis Rams- Last season, they were one win away from winning the NFC west. The team is very young and will win the NFC west for years to come. 
22. Seattle Seahawks- They are the lowest ranked playoff team by far. They shouldn’t have made the playoffs last year. They pulled off an upset of the Saints, but I don’t see that happening this year. 
23. Cleveland Browns- Peyton Hillis is one of the best young running backs. Last year, they were really confusing. They beat the Pats and Saints but lost to the Bills and the Bengals. 

24. Oakland Raiders- The Raiders best days are still ahead of them. Darius Heyward-Bey and Darren McFadden will be good players for the offense in the years to come. 25. Buffalo Bills- They had one of the worst records in the NFL. They were better than their record said they were. They took the AFC winning Pittsburgh Steelers to over-time. But, they have a big Quarterback issue.

25. Buffalo Bills- They had one of the worst records in the NFL. They were better than their record said they were. They took the AFC winning Pittsburgh Steelers to over-time. But, they have a big quarterback issue.

26. Tennessee Titans – They have a decent team but NO quarterback. They took a huge gamble taking Jake Locker with the 8th pick. With Kerry Collins retiring, Locker will have to play right away. 
27. San Francisco 49ers- Patrick Willis is on the defense and Vernon Davis and Frank Gore are on the offense. Other than that, they have no one. They can’t win games with three good players. 
28. Washington Redskins- Mike Shannahan is the head coach, so, the team has good coaching. They have a few good players, but they haven’t been able to win any games. 
29. Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals have a terrible defense. Their offense is mediocre. Carson Palmer wants out. They drafted A.J. Green, who is a good player. 
30. Carolina Panthers- The team was good within the last few years. Some of the players are still there. Last season they didn’t play well at all. 
31. Arizona Cardinals- Since the departure of Kurt Warner, the team is looking for an identity. They have lost a lot of players from their Super Bowl team. They have failed to replace them.

32. Denver Broncos- They are TERRIBLE. By far the worst team in the NFL. They have an absolutely horrific defense. Von Miller will hopefully be able to help out the team. 

New Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor, who was selected in today's NFL supplemental draft, will try to make a good fit in the Raiders' game plan. (picture courtesy of

 Steelers CB Troy Polamalu hopes to lead his team to a playoff appearance in 2011. (picture courtesy of Glogster)

Nnamdi Asomugha was the prize free agent signing for the Eagles. They didn’t stop there. Because of their off-season moves, they are ranked #2 in the current power rankings. (Picture courtesy of

An NFL official reviews a play during last night's preseason action. The new policy in the NFL states that refs need to review every TD to make sure it is worthy. (picture courtesy of AOL News) 

Randy Moss, with numbers that are eye-opening, might rank among the greatest wide receivers in NFL history. (picture courtesy of AP) 

Aaron Rodgers hopes to lead the Packers to another Super Bowl in 2012. (picture courtesy of AP)


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